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The FCH program enables people that meet certain requirements to adopt an Australian Labradoodle and help out with our breeding program for the duration of their contract period. Families look after their Australian Labradoodle and benefit from its excellent qualities as a companion in their own home while we handle breeding activities to develop the breed and produce great family companions.
We do not kennel our dogs and as such, all of our breeding dogs live with local families as their adored pets. They come here to honeymoon and birth their puppies, and for visits.
Although we require dogs to be brought back to Cloud Catcher for mating, whelping, and raising puppies, the majority of your dogs time will be spent with you.
Cloud Catcher Labradoodles selects breeding puppies available to pre-approved homes with a $1,000 for male, $800 for female deposit; in the Sydney NSW Region (within 2 hour drive of Catherine Field, NSW)

When your puppy is 6 months old, we ask you come in to have a DNA swab test done for DNA profiling and photos to be taken, and at 12 months, hip and elbow x-rays done (at our cost) with a photo to be taken at the kennel before your appointment.

Based on those results we then decide if we will breed your puppy, approve for them to be desexed. If they are desexed then they will continue to live with you with no requirements for them to come back for short stays as needed if breeding them and you have a beautiful dog for the price of the deposit.

If your puppy is confirmed into the breeding program, they will continue to live with you as your beloved pet while not here having/making babies. Males will come in 3 times at the most per year, to the kennel for about a week for matings, and females will come in every year (depending on demand for puppies, and starting from their 2nd heat) and stay for 8 weeks, as this is the requirement for correct socialization of the puppies. Females will have up to a maximum of 4 litters during their contract.

Cloud Catcher Care Home Families are welcome to visit their dogs while they are here with their puppies, after they have reached 4 weeks of age, and share in developing this lovely breed of dog.

Ownership is transferred at the end of the contract period (five years). After the contract is complete their family gets to keep their Australian Labradoodle as their own pet.

If you are interested in participating in our family care home program, please email us at sydney.ccatchers@gmail.com and request an application, or download the application by clicking the link below.

If successful, we will secure you an interview to possibly become a part of the Cloud Catcher Labradoodle Care Home Program.


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