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Breeding Philosophy

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Our Main Goal in breeding Labradoodles is to develop completely new un-related bloodlines to strengthen and further contribute to the genetic diversity of Australian Labradoodles; as we are breeding labradoodles for quality not quantity.

Our Labradoodle breeding program is unique

to the majority of Australian Labradoodle Breeding Programs. At least half of the genetic parentages of over 70% of Cloud Catcher dogs are now from bloodlines new to the Australian Labradoodle.

We do not kennel our labradoodles

All of our labradoodles live in their homes with their care families. Our care homes are located within 2 hours of our rural premises, 90% of these care home labradoodles live on the average of ½ acre or larger properties providing plenty of room for exercise and stimulation. At retirement, normally around 5 years of age, our female labradoodles have only produced 2-3 litters of puppies on average.

DNA Testing

Prcd-PRA is a genetic eye disease that Labradors, poodles and at least 28 other dog breeds carry. The disorder causes cells in the retina at the back of the eye to degenerate and die. The fact is that there is no treatment or cure for Prcd-PRA for labradoodles.

'Here at Cloud Catcher Labradoodles, we are testing all our breeding dogs in an effort to eliminate PRA from the Labradoodle breed. You can be guaranteed that a Labradoodle puppy from Cloud Catcher will never be affected by this blinding disease'

We do our business in order to provide you

with the most suitable companion for your family. In addition to being non-shedding and odorless, Labradoodles have great temperament, trainability, intelligence, intuition and confirmation. They are also great candidates for assistance and service dogs.